Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nigerian writer: Thought

Felix Brambaifa

The journey of life
Starts from a conscious thought
Though it be filled with strife
They are wishes brought forth
              By thought
Everything is but a concept
Crafted by the powers of mind
And in the material, Made manifest
As if by an external hand

Nigerian Writer: In Life

Felix Brambaifa

In this life we must come across different people. Many by chance, some by fate and few by  destiny. Those we came across through chance would base our friendship on excuses, those by fate would help fulfil purposes whether good or bad and see friendship as a means to an end while those we meet because of destiny are the missing puzzles in our lives, without them our existence is unto nothing. Be careful you don't treat those from destiny with excuses and as a means to an end because a time will come when all you would need is a hand from destiny and you would realize nothing else matters but then it would be too late.~brambaifawrites~

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nigerian Writer: Persistence

By Felix Brambaifa

Nigerian Writer: Persistence

Count not the odds
Nor the pitfalls of before
Stand aground your resolve
Focus on the place ashore

The rigid turbulence
The motions of every day's life
Becomes nothing when silence
Is the will against strife

No trouble is certain
If the refusal is constant
And purpose set to attain
Dreams vague and distant

Attend desires with hope
Until in form, manifest
Persevere, where none could cope
Until achievement in hands, rest